On the 10th of December 2014, the population overwhelmingly and very clearly expressed its faith and trust in Sir Anerood Jugnauth, his coalition partners and his team to bring meaningful change to the daily life of our people and to lead them towards happiness, prosperity and a better future.

Respecting the will of the nation, Government will govern for the People with the People. And this pledge will consistently drive the endeavours and actions of all ministers throughout this mandate.


This legislative programme is an important stage of a journey that has just begun. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Government will create a new economic model based on a number of challenges, namely:

  • putting in place a people’s government;
  • fueling growth in the major sectors of the economy;
  • creating new pillars of development;
  • creating new jobs for our people;
  • injecting good governance, transparency and accountability in
  • government business;
  • tackling security, law and order;
  • protecting our fragile environment and ecosystem;
  • fighting poverty and social exclusion;
  • making opportunities more equal for all our fellow countrymen; and
  • improving the general well-being of the population.